Thanks to the help of Francais Immersion, I speak French regularly with a native speaker

I studied French during school for 6 years. After graduating high school in 2003, I was very fortunate to be able to travel to France. I remember being so excited because it would be the first time that I would be able to speak French with a native speaker. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I could not communicate orally, and I could not comprehend the spoken language.

This experience left me very frustrated and sad. I believed that I was just not good at learning a language.

In September of 2019, 17 years later, I decided to try once again to learn the French language. I began searching YouTube for advice on how to learn another language. And that is when I discovered Francais Immersion. The first video I ever watched was “Les boites a livres.”

Using the PDF, I followed along to the audio while reading the text. For a whole month! I tried all sorts of different methods to keep things interesting. Sometimes I would just listen to the audio with my eyes closed, other times I would just read the transcript out loud. I would use the context to figure out words I didn’t know, and check myself using a French dictionary to be sure.

And now, five months later, thanks to the help of Francais Immersion, I speak French regularly with a native speaker. I also listen to music and watch movies in French without subtitles and can understand so much more then I did after six years of studying the language during school.

Please do not think that you can’t learn a language. Sometimes the approach that we were taught isn’t the right one. If you’re looking to learn French and think that you can’t, I’m proof that you can. Give Francais Immersion a try, and I promise you will be well on your way quickly to learning this incredibly beautiful language.

Thank you Thomas!