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How to Learn French - Francais Immersion

Just started to learn French? Or already spent weeks, months, even years learning French? Have tried different methods? But still can’t speak the French language fluently? Don’t worry! It’s not your fault! There is a SOLUTION! Don’t waste more time. Find out How to learn French fast and effectively! Easy, fast, effective, having fun!

But first, a quick story about Français Immersion and how this proven method comes from…

Hi, I’m Thomas Studer, founder of Français Immersion, a Unique Free Video Method to Learn French Easily in Total Immersion.

I am also the author of a French novel « Se retrouver, pour mieux se séparer… ».

I’m a French Native Speaker. Until the age of 26 I could only speak French. And now I speak fluently Spanish and English and I’m learning German! I learned all these languages from scratch.

I’m not one of those people who tell you what to do to learn a foreign language but can speak only one single language themselves!

  1. I created a method that I personally applied and with great, fast and amazing results!
  2. Over the years, I helped many people to learn French from beginners to advanced
  3. I coached many people from different countries and guided them to immerse themselves in the French language and culture even from home
  4. I helped French learners to improve their French skills and speak French with confidence
  5. Français Immersion is a method to learn French having fun!

I know what works to learn a foreign language.

Today, I’m going to share with you some tips to learn French that really works! I’m going to show you how to learn French so that you get the results you deserve from your hard work.

You can apply the tips below to learn any foreign language.

In fact, Français Immersion is my method that I personally applied while learning Spanish, English and that I still apply now learning German!

You ready?


Maybe you wonder: “Is that possible to learn a foreign language having fun?”

“Is that fun to learn irregular verbs and remember grammar lessons? Is that fun to pass exams? What about bad marks? Where is the fun?”

Well, perhaps all that your brain has kept in your memory is bad memories of your language classes at school and therefore learning French is negative.

You get stressed and anxious!

Français Immersion method aims to make learning the French language enjoyable, be it a fun time.

I use pictures, drawings and gestures so that you can learn French in French, enjoying learning the language.

Meet also a funny French guy in my videos on my YouTube Channel! He will help you learn French having fun!

There is no stress! No pressure at all!

Sign up today to join our 7-Day Free Course and discover how to learn French having fun!

You will find out the answers to these questions:

1) What prevents your brain to memorize a new language?
2) How can you stimulate your brain?


Before learning a language, it is important to learn to love it.

Why is it important to love the French language?

This love is the engine; it is the energy you need in order to learn without pain. Love the French language is the best motivation to learn!

I’ve got a quick question for you…

If you want to learn French, tell me if any of these statements sound familiar to you:

“I don’t like the French language.”

“The French language is not my favorite. I would prefer to learn another language.”

“I learn French by obligation. I don’t have a choice.”

“I used to love the French language in the past, but this love, this passion for the French language has disappeared.”

“The French language is too complicated.”

If you said “Yes” to any of the above, sign up today to join our 7-Day Free Course and discover 3 tips to love the French language!


Not motivated to learn French? Feel you will never learn another language?

In short, what if your mindset is negative with regard to the learning of the French language?

You must learn French and you do not have a choice. You are not really motivated. You do not want to learn this language and you find every excuse in the world such as:

“I’m too old to learn a foreign language.”

“I’m not good. Learning a language, that’s not for me.”

“I cannot do it, I’ve tried, and it does not work.”

“My French teacher is worth nothing. “

That is having a negative mindset. As you say you cannot do it, you will not give the best of yourself to learn. You will do the bare minimum to learn maybe just a few vocabulary words, and perhaps mispronouncing it. You will just learn to not have a bad mark at school. Or so that your boss does not put you out.

To do the bare minimum does not bring satisfaction.

Even if you do not love learning French, have the right mindset: that is to say, give the best of yourself!

Sign up today to join our 7-Day Free Course and find out the answers to these questions and more:

1) How to erase all negative thoughts associated with learning a language?
2) How to love learning the French language and be motivated?
3) How to have the right mindset and be positive?


In my videos, I teach you French in a fun and easy way, so that you learn French online enjoying it!

You can watch Free Video French Lessons on our YouTube Channel or on our Blog.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified on new videos.

Watch the same video several times. That’s the key!

Watch French movies and videos in its original language so that you immerse yourself in the French language and culture. Learn the French sense of humor!

Learn French with fun! The best way to memorize quickly and speak French fast!

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Reading a nice French book is a fantastic way to increase your vocabulary and it’s so relaxing!

It helps you memorize how French words are written.

Discover my French Novel that is an Easy-to-read French book for French learners.

You can read the Full French Transcripts of ALL the Videos on our Blog for Free!

Each Post includes the Full French Transcript.

You can download the Transcript of the video as a PDF for free.

Sign up today to Gain your Free Access to ALL the French Transcripts PDF!

Read the same book or transcript again and again!

Learn French in context!

Check out the Top 15 French Books to Learn French Fast!


Listen to French music and audio helps adapt your ear to a French accent and learn the French pronunciation.

Each Post on our Blog includes the Video and the Transcript.

You can download the Audio of the video as a MP3 for free.

Sign up Today to Gain your Free Access to ALL the French Audios MP3!

Sound like a native French speaker!

Listen to the same music or audio at different moments of the day!

Check out the Top 50 French Music to Learn French easily with fun!


Do you know the expression that says “one picture is worth a thousand words”?

Français Immersion does.

That’s why each Post on our Blog includes a Support Guide to help you remember the lesson quickly.

We share the Support Guides on Social Medias.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.

Link words and its pronunciation to images.

We use pictures and drawings in our videos.


Learn French 101 via SKYPE with a French Native Speaker (who also speaks fluently Spanish and English).

This program will help you find the motivation to keep learning French. I propose you to communicate, to speak with you. Some decide to join me every week, others want a coaching session three times a week, and sometimes even every day!

Français Immersion offers Private French Lessons or Coaching Sessions.

Each session is adapted to your personal schedule, your French level and objectives.

So how can we talk together so that I can help you progress in French? Send me an e-mail, or subscribe to the program Learn French 101 – Private French Lessons. And I will contact you so that we can talk together via Skype.


I’m really convinced that Total Immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language.

That’s why my videos are totally in French, to immerse yourself in 100% spoken French.

Spend between 1 and 4 weeks in France or another French-speaking country. It will be a really great experience. You will consider stay even longer…

I like this principle of total immersion for a few days or weeks.

Enjoy your holidays to boost your level of the language.

Just being in the midst of French speakers forces you to speak French. Living together also means having a relationship of trust. And during that time, you are relaxed, you are on vacation. As there is no stress, you will remember easily and you will learn fast. You are much more comfortable expressing yourself in French.

TIP: Prepare in advance of your study abroad trip and maintain your speaking fluency when you return home taking our Private French Lessons by Skype.

Live in a French-speaking country and speak the French language every day… you will begin thinking and dreaming in French!

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Français Immersion method helps you above all to take pleasure in learning the French language.

These are videos that aim to make you progress, but also to invite you to come here in France or in a French-speaking country to immerse yourself in the French language and culture.

Make the link between learning French and those you love: your wife, your children, your parents, your friends. Please them and organize a trip to France and be their guide!

Visit France or another French-speaking country to immerse all your senses in the French language and culture!

You will become fond of the French cuisine and perhaps you will cook a good ‘ratatouille’ or a good ‘navarin d’agneau’, or another good French recipe when return home!

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If you are lucky enough to have children, the children are a great motivation!

They are watching you. If you are enthusiastic, if you show that you love to learn French, they will want to do the same. Because, warning!!! The love for languages is contagious!

The opposite also: if you speak negatively of your French lessons, well your kids will hate this language. They will say: “What is this language that hurts my mom or my dad?”

Be enthusiastic and positive, share with them what you learn.

Show them my French Videos.
This is a great gift that you will give them! I know many children who wanted to learn French or another language while their parents were learning a foreign language.

Why? Why did they also want to learn French? Because they observe, and children have noticed that their parents were taking pleasure in learning a new language.

They noticed that learning a language is not just learning words, but it’s an adventure!

What child does not like adventures, explore and discover new things. And then, thanks to you and your efforts, French entered in your house, in your home!

The greatest gift you can make to your children is to be enthusiastic and be happy to learn French. This enthusiasm is contagious, and they will want to imitate you!


So far I shared with you a few tips to learn French fast and effectively.

But, there’s even more to discover!

Sign up today to join our 7-Day Free Course and you will discover ALL THE SECRETS of the Français Immersion method.

I will share with you ONE AMAZING TIP to learn French really fast, I named THE TURBO!

You will discover little-known useful tips to immerse yourself in the French language and culture.

My desire is to help you learn French fast. I want you to improve quickly so that you be really proud of you. You will show to your family and friends that you can speak French fluently! You will guide them through Paris!



Discover 7 Secrets to Learn French Easily in Total Immersion.

Easy, Fast, Effective, Having fun! Learn French the Right Way. Start today!

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